From 11th to 17th of May took place the 86th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad (Serbia). This fair, has maintained for many years the reputation of one of the most important business events in Southeast Europe. Because of the number of participants and visitors; the promotion of products and services from more than 60 countries around the world, as well as, businesses outcomes, Novi Sad International Agricultural Fair is considered among the ten most important agricultural fairs in Europe.


BIOKOM TRENDAFILOV LTD (Itram Hygiene’s commercial partner for Bulgaria’s region) was present at the fair with its own stand.  Biokom team was responsible, within the framework of presentations of products and services in the area of ​​”agricultural production, food and beverage industry, agricultural machinery, food processing industry equipment, chemical and protective substances, organic food, as well as other products and services in agro business “, to present BIOFINDER and the ENTIRE BIOFILM REMOVE range products of Itram Hygiene to the public which showed up itself enthusiastic and captivated for the given information.

From Itram Hygiene we’d like to thank the support and efforts made by BIOKOM, which could be extended to all iTRAM business partners and collaborators who, day by day, encourage our steps and contribute to the success of this team.