Centralized equipment supply pressurized water from the pumping station, and also pre-mixed product detergent and/or disinfectant from the chemical plant. This type of units provide a greater occupational safety and process safety.


This floor-mounted unit is ready for use at the time of delivery.
The unit is equipped with a Grundfos water delivery pump with frequency variator and a pump for the delivery of chemical solutions. Incorporates 2 DOSATRON pumps for chemical dosage. It incorporates mechanisms for the protection of excess capacity and protection against water scarcity.

The unit is available in the S/D/T version, for example, 1-3 dosing units for different chemical products

Model 2090 20150 20200
Code 31530
Water pressure 18 bar + inlet 20-25 bar 20-25 bar
Flow rate 0-90 liters/min 0-150 liters/min 0-200 liters/min
Capacity 1-3 users 1-5 users 1-7 users
Chemical pressure 6 bar 6 bar 6 bar

Chemical Plant VCC II LAGAFORS

The LAGAFORS VCC centralized chemical dosing system is one of the most reliable chemical plants in the market. This unit consists of a water pressure pump and 1 to 4 chemical dosing modules and one controller. A dosage precision of +/-0.1% of the chemical solutions provides the guarantee of the optimal dosage of chemical products. The unit can dispense up to 4 different chemical products simultaneously.

(The cover in Plexi methacrylate is optional and is not included in the price)

Chemical metering pumps Models from 1 to 4
Outlet Water Pressure 8 bar
Water consumption 0-70 liters/min
Capacity 1-12 users


The satellite is built in stainless steel with hygienic design. It’s mounted on the wall in the production area. These models are designed for centralized equipment and incorporate an exclusive mixing block that allows regulating the flow of the chemical and air solution. We have models for 1 centralized chemist, 2, and 2 centralized products detergent and disinfectant) + 1 decentralized.