Nebulization equipments for environmental disinfection and airway surfaces are appropriate for the critical areas of industries and allow the elimination of the microbial contamination in areas of difficult access.

Compact Nebulization equipment, practical and very easy to use to apply a micromist of product in the environment.Requires pressurized air.

Working air pressure from 4 to 8 bar
Maximum suction height 40 cm
Air flow required from 100l/min
Dosage from 0.85 to 24.5%

General construction data:

Material of the trolley stainless steel 316L
Spray Nozzle PVC/stainless steel 316L/FKM
Suction Tube Flexible PVC braided Hose
Wheels Nylon/Rubber (optional)
Air connection and Quick Adapter M Universal
Product container 20 liter carafe (ideal)